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Besides covering the dance steps in an easy-to-follow way, the instruction for beginners also covers leading and following.

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Get tips and tricks on how to stay away from having two left feet with a pro: Rosario Nene Ortega is a ballroom dance instructor at The Goddess Store in Hollywood, Florida.

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Breakdancing utilizes elements of martial arts, gymnastics, and even yoga.

During the second half of the 19th century, several secular dance-oriented music styles were developed by Afro-Cuban workers in the poor neighbourhoods of Havana and Matanzas.This group is for any Latin dance lovers who are looking for places to either go dancing socially or to take lessons to learn to dance.Cumbia music has become a hugely popular genre all over Latin America.Salsa can be an effective stress reliever and boost your confidence.Salsa at City Dance Corps will transform you from an absolute beginner to an advanced dancer.

The conga dance is a celebratory dance that many do in a line involving three steps and a tap to the side.It is possible to learn enough steps and moves in one single class to make you feel that you could go to a club and dance the night away without making an idiot of yourself.Modern dance moves have foundations in ballet, but are modified to create a unique movement.Our beginner Salsa steps cover everything a beginner Salsa dancer needs to know to get started off right.

Learn the basics of the big-band era, and get ready for a jazzy night on the town.However, after the basic movement of stepping forward or backward and shifting weight between feet, the Cha Cha Cha adds a quick set of three steps.Yes, although you will probably pick up the steps at a faster rate, it is best to do the beginners to understand the fundamental ideas and principles involved.The Cha Cha Cha, also called the Cha Cha, is a Cuban-born dance, similar to the Mambo in style.

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Portland-Maine based instruction in ballroom dance, Latin dance, Swing dance, Bachata, Kizomba, wedding dance, social dance, training for dance competition.These dances, marked with sensual moves and electric energy, have great history to them.

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Lots of fun, complete with spins, sharp movement, and crisp turns, its a must learn for everyone who wants to break into a club scene.Jive is a very happy, boppy, energetic dance, with plenty of knee-lifting, bending, and rocking of the hips.Salsa is the perfect dance for the sultry summer months ahead.

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Learn how to dance at a beginner social level in a fun and friendly environment.

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In Club Dance For Men Level 1, I put together all the core, basic dance moves you need to learn to get comfortable and to start building your confidence on the dance floor.At the end of the turn the weight is transferred from one foot to another.Bachata classes are essential to becoming a well-rounded Latin dancer.

The most popular Club and Dance Seduction Moves on the internet by Expert Chi Szeto.The dance appeared to be the combination of the Danzon and Montuno dances of Cuba, and was similar to a Rumba.

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Learn To Dance Salsa Beginner Turns And Moves Learn To Dance Salsa Basic Steps For Beginners Ballroom And Latin Dancing In Columbus Oh - Cha Cha Latin Dancing Lessons Mambo Dance Moves Mambo Dancing Demonstration Swing Learn Master Ballroom Dance Swing Dancing East Coast Swing Steps For Beginning Ballroom Dancing Waltz Dance Video Lessons Waltz Dancing Classes Learn A Wedding Dance Online.RSVP for your free Ballroom, Latin, Salsa, Swing and Lindy Hop dance lessons and gift pack at our next Open House (see the Events calendar for dates).If you want to supplement the beginners by attending the improvers class as well, then that will help you progress faster, with your Latin and Ballroom dancing.